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Wine & Fly is a collection of international wines specially selected and imported by Mateo Wines, to present some of the best wine regions in the world.

After hundreds of thousands of miles flown, the most representative varietals from New World countries such as Australia or Chile have been chosen to make the World Wines collection.

Wines of Europe  is a collection focused on the countries of old Europe, where we select the most representative grapes from different regions with a long winemaking tradition, with a clear intention of making ourselves known to consumers outside of Europe.  They are young wines that represent the character and the way of understanding the wine that occurs in each place.

And finally, in the purest island style, discover our most jovial proposal and travel to a destination of fun, to experience the joy of the Mediterranean. Enjoy our Merlot Callet and Prensal Blanc Chardonnay from the Travel Edition , made with the typical varietals of this area of Spain. The ideal choice for any fun time. A tribute to the essence of our captivating island.

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